sound issue with OS X

Hi there.

I can’t seem to be able to play a sound within blender. I am on a intel os x machine.

I can load a wav within the audio window and can see it. But however much I try and play it (within the audio window and within sound block) I can’t seem to get a sound (other than a click when I first try it)

Eventually I want to use sound within the game engine, but I think if I can’t get it working in Blender then the game engine won’t work either… Its really frustrating as I have done loads of sound work using OSC and SuperCollider and I thought this would be straightforward.

Has anyone else had or solved this problem. I would be really grateful to hear if anyone has come across it… Am I missing something really obvious.

many thanks


I can’t use sound on my Intel imac either, I don’t know if its a bug or what.

I have the same problem.

In the “buttons window”, you click on the button that says “Scene (f10)”, the one that looks like mountains. Once clicked you will see three more buttons apear to the right and click on the one that says “sound block buttons”, it looks like three blue triangles. Then you will see a panel called “Blender Sound Block” click on the box with two arrows, and select “Open New.” Load up your .wav and set it up in the logic bricks like normal.

Unfortunately, I think that we all have this problem and that there is no good way around it. I therefore use the PPC version of Blender instead of the Intel version, because I need to be able both to use sound and to save runtimes.

Thanks everyone for that… You have finally put my mind at rest. It was annoying as anything.

I actually got really good results working with sending OSC messages to SuperCollider (sound software)… I think in the long run this is much more powerfull than using blender sound, but a bit more complex… You have to install pyosc and write some python. But it works really well. I will post some tutorials sometime

I was really hoping to get the Blender sound working for a workshop to try and keep things simple…

Its a shame… You have also answered my other problem with making runtimes, i

Seems that the intel version needs a few things mending.

Thanks again


My friend got a intel PC with windows, he seems to have the very same kind of problem with the sound in blender too.

So Mac-peope aren´t alone with this.

I am quite suprised that this problem is not more documented. No sound/runtime seem like quite fundamental problems for anyone making games.

I guess that mac users are probably quite a minority in the Blender world. I googled and googled for info about this and found nothing. Does anyone know of anywhere else to find out solutions to this problem.

many thanks



I am also using blender game engine on an intel Mac and have the same problems with playing sound. Interestingly, if I use Windows with Parallels on my Mac I hear sounds in blender game engine…

Does anyone already have an idea, what the problem is and how possible fix it??? It would really help me!

Thanks allot!


short update:

I found a bug report at blender development site, so it is a known problem and I hope they are able to fix it in the future…

I m on iMac Intel 10.5.2. I have notice the sound problem for quite awhile. The old version which is 245.17 works perfectly fine. But it just again not working on 248. Some how if you download some old version before, you might compare with ppc version. some ppc version can export app very well, while the same version of intel may even not possible to export app.

What i feel is like if it is built on Leopard is gonna be only good for Leopard, otherwise, i guess maybe it would run better on 10.4

I think i give one more chance to ppc version. If it is still not working, i guess i have to give up the upgrate plan.

Haha, things finally clear, use ppc version!!

lol, this thread is so ancient

Just download and import PyGame. I made my simulation run on both PC and Mac perfectly fine with it. I did have to add some more paths in since the current working directory doesn’t appear to be accessable on Mac (to my knowledge), but the rest was the same.

I made them to neat things like volume change, fastforward, rewind, pause, stop, playing sounds on top of each other… etc.