Sound library

Can any one refer me to a good sound library for sounds i can use in the BGE? Thanks.

A massive library of sounds issued under the creative commons license (so many of them that searching for a common sound effects will yield dozens of variations), be sure to give them credit if you use some of them.

Sound effects only though, no instrumental music pieces (where the vast majority of sites require you to pay for a membership or per-song). For that you may have to use a music creation program (I recommend Mixcraft 5 if you want a commercial software or there’s the Open Source LMMS program)

Are you talking about a Python library, or a collection of sounds that you can use for your game? If it’s the former, then Blender 2.5 has the audaspace library (import aud) that works well. For the latter, you can check out

Also, for music (not sound effects) there is incompetech.

Ace dragon answered my question. Thanks one and all you’ve been a big help.