Sound / Music Demostration

Hey guys, just something I was fiddling with this afternoon.

Its more of a resource than a discussion but I don’t feel its good enough to be posted into the game resources section :p, but feel free to discuss anyway :yes:

So basically what it is is a small demonstration showing how to have a looping peice of music play over and over, then when you reach a certain point, could be a climax in your game, change to a fast-paced more intense peice of music. Problem is you don’t want the looping sound to end abruptly or at a strange point. So what it does is when you’ve passed a certain point, it politely waits for the loop to end so as to not interrupt, then really pumps the music.

I feel like the biggest downside to this demostration is my failing music editing skills. The looping sound isn’t the best but you’ll get the picture.

Feel free to use the .blend file yourselves:

The song is Supermoves by Overseer, Animatrix remix.

I feel nothing.
it seems as if the file was empty or recorded too low… (350 kb seem a bit too little also to contain a wav!)

Damnit, do you have to pack sound files?

yes , is almost surely that.

you have to pack all sound if you want post a blend with sound (otherwise you have to make a zip with the sound inside)

file-> external data -> pack in to blend file


I Think I might be able to come up with something like that.

Thanks MarcoIT. First post is now updated with a (hopefully) working blend :slight_smile:

now is too big for my connection !:smiley: but i think now work :wink:

Damn well that failed haha. One of the sound files ended up 40mb, and since I’m no sound editor I just shopped it in half so it still ended up about 20mb :stuck_out_tongue: