sound of silence

Hi everbody,
this is my latest artwork, “sound of silence”

Done with Blender & Cycles and PostPro in Gimp.

Thank you!

Wow! I would say this render is technically almost perfect (apart from texture on the ax handle, which goes somewhat against mesh curvature)! I am not sure I completely grasp the idea, but I like the fact that you have made something that unusual :slight_smile:

I would have broken the cello with the axe, or put some blood on it, and called this work “Silence the sound”:stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes apart is it a cello? This POV is not very friendly for proportions.
Surely it can’t be a violin or a viola, cause it’s quite thick.

Clearly influenced by Disturbed’s cover of the S&G record (which is, incidentally, far better than the original IMO), and reproduces the feel of the video well. Nice work.

The materials are great! Could you post a screenshot of the nodesetup for the cello, please?:eek: The entire render looks really nice in my opinion. I just don’t get why the axt is there, but that’s just me.

Hi Icestorm, the Cello is one of my Blendermarket Products, as well as the wood shader it uses. I hope this will help you out.

Hi Margenta, the Idea behind using cello and axe is to plot contrast. Leave it to your own mind if this contrast is male/female, fine art/rough work …

I like the idea and the way you have render it very much. It reminds me some Dada pieces, where they put a classical sculpture beside an ax, inviting the viewer to destroy the classicism :wink: They were quite punk, weren’t they???

The lighting is delicate and sophisticated, and the composition is great. Congratulations, it’s a very good work!!!