Sound Of Underground

Just finished these rather funky futuristic speakers.

What started off as a test to see if I could make sound visible, ended up being a little scene. The aim was to make sound waves distort the scene, so as to feel like the speakers are very pwerful. Enjoy :slight_smile:

here is the pre node edited version aswell…

I can include the node sequence if anyone is interested in seeing how I went about it

Admittedly not all of the parts are my own creation, for example I use the vignette idea from Andrew Price’s tutorials on

Please criticise so I can improve further :slight_smile:


This is the node setup:

Very nice modeling and nodes

your work is really interesting but the image is too small to appreciate it! You can put a better one? tnx

Afraid it’s not much larger, the image was rendered at 2000 x 750 pixels, follow this link to see the full image

sorry! but I’ve problem with the image node (not with image rendering)

I want someone to make these speakers! I’d buy them… Epic compositing

Sorry mate, here you go

I’d suggest using cycles…

Is cycles available for windows yet?

Yes. Long ago.

Dammit! I probably should have checked :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I know! you kill me if I continue! But that image is too small. :smiley:

Should have done this in the first place :stuck_out_tongue: Click here

now it’s ok!
tnx very much zalewskitsf10! :smiley: