Sound Pitch Fluctuation?

Hi. I am creating…an FPS game. No need to flame me. I know that thousands have attempted it, and that mine is likely to fail.

Anyways, I am utilizing a simple ammunition system for regular firearms, where a single empty is added per shot which plays a firing sound (the same sound with each shot). However, the same sound played repetitively begins to sound bland to the ear. Is it possible to get the pitch of the sound to “fluctuate” slightly with each shot in-game, like with one shot the pitch might be 0.33 while the next shot it might be 0.78?

Sure. Place a float property on the gun with a random actuator always changing its value. Then use python to get the last created object from the add object actuator, get the empty’s sound actuator, and set the pitch equal to the random float.

Thanks. That worked.