Sound problem

i cant get the audio on my animation to playback. I used Sequence Editor to put a sound track in. TELL ME WHAT I DID WRONG :frowning: :-?

If you mean that when you rendered your animation, it had no sound, then you did nothing wrong. Blender cannot yet add sound into the rendered animation. Adding the sound in the sequence editor is just for sync-ing sound to the actions.

To add a sound file to an avi (or whaterver), you have to use another program. If your on windows, use Virtualdub (free).

Thanks it helped tremndously

But what about scrubbing? Nothing happens when I scrub through the sound file.

scrubbing is for when you want to play the sound frame by frame, but it only works if you first hit ‘scrub’, and also, play the sound using alt A, then it will scrub.

hmmmm - I didn’t realise that. Any word on when that function will be available?

found a great software for editing the animation and adding sound and title and credits. windows movie maker. Here is the link.

EDIT: XP ONLY :frowning:

its free ware.

A W2K here. If I figure out how to play battlefield 1942 on linux I might boot that up more regularly then I’d be able to use cinelerra for audio/vision compositing.