sound problem

i have a problem with my sounds. i put a sounds in my game then suddenly my blender closed and i see in my shell that there is a segmentation fault. I open my game then in sound block, the sound is highlight (color red). im using rh 9.

YES! Problem in Python. Sound have of big bad player (+ slow sound memory)
[!] Turbo pascal 7.0-the best. [!]

that was absolutely not related to the question

fallen_angel: blender has issues with audio, particularly on non-windows platforms. Crashing on sound is usually associated with blender being unable to open the sound device [which is usually associated with alsa or openal or something]. Problems [particularly in linux] are common.

Does audio in the sequencer work? is there something printed on the console? can you try searching for what is printed to the console?

hi im still working with this and i need to finish this stuff. i try to change the sounds but when i play the game it really crash.

heres an image of my sound block:

ei zero my sounds is not working in audio sequencer but when i try to play it in the sound block its working.

in my console:
the first time it crash: Segmentation fault

second when i try to play it in sequencer: mcop warning:user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding
Couldn’t open audio: No available audio device

i dont understand why my audio device is not available although i can hear it in my sound block. i really need to pass my work as soon as possible i only have one week to finish this. pls help me. thank you so much