Sound problem

I have a near sensor on a door, I put a sound actuator to it. When I am away enough it work, but when I am too near I just ear the bigenning ( less than 1 sec) of the sound in a loop.

Yes the game engine sounds are not very good. Look at using Pygame

link here

or you could do wat i do, use an empty to play all your sounds! i dont know why but if you do this it seems to work a little better XD

just add an empty and make the camera its parent

then use massages to paly the sounds

eg: if you open a door it will send the massage “dooropen” and when the empty gets that massage it will play your sound!

but of course this will get rid of 3d sound :frowning:

You have to associated the near sensor to a property “open_door”.
And after, to link this property to sound actuator.

The problem with link near sensor with sound actuator directly is that when you are close to the door the sound actuator will be activated several times by second and this one will seem like a loop sound with the beginer part.