Sound problems

I don’t have a single logic brick in my scene, but the 2 sounds I have in the library are playing in realtime anyway. What the hell… I’d settle for a solution on how to delete them from the .blend, if no one knows what the problem is.

Also, how do you get 3d sound working in the new blender?

post the blend this way we can look at what you are talking, or rather listen…

Maybe later. I ‘fixed’ the phantom audio. One of my duplicated objects was somehow entangled with playing audio even if it had no connections, so I deleted it.

About 3d audio, I’m not sure if that’s what it is, but I just want the sound to get louder as the object gets closer. If that’s doppler, then it isn’t working for me. I’ve done this in older versions.

are you sure your version of blender has openal support?

You probably know this all ready, but the 3D sound has to be a very small number, .100 for example. Other wise it appears to have little effect.