Sound problems

Hey everyone,

I’m a Linux user, and my project has reached the point where I’m animating the characters. The problem is, I need sound working in Blender for lip syncing. (among other things)

I’ve done a great deal of research on the matter. I’ve followed the instructions here to no avail. Google reveals that this is a common issue. I brought the files to my coworker’s computer, which is also running Fedora, and found that the files are working perfectly on his (almost identical) setup. The only difference between the two machines is that he has a nicer sound card, and I’m using the crappy onboard audio. That conclusion seems to have been confirmed by this bug report on Ubuntu’s launchpad.

I’m sure that rewriting Blender to be more friendly with audio under Linux would solve this problem, but since the problem has been in blender for quite some time combined with the fact that I am not a developer it seems that isn’t happening.

My first thought was to just go out and buy the same card my coworker has, but that card is somewhat old and discontinued. The bulk of Creative’s product line at this point is made of those X-fi cards, which have no linux support whatsoever and may never get such support from my readings. The only other creative cards on the market, short of a used one, are prohibitively expensive. So I’m left with the option of finding an alternative.

The card I’m looking at now is the M-Audio Revolution 5.1. (newegg link) This card claims to have hardware mixing, and according to reviews on new egg it has really good Linux support. The problem is I [understandably] cannot find one reference to anyone using it with Blender on Linux. Yeah, there are some things even Google can’t find.

Does any one here have this card, or one with the ICE1724 (Envy24HT) chipset, that can confirm that it works with Blender on Linux? This is really the absolute upper end of my budget, and the cheaper cards I’ve found on newegg don’t support hardware mixing. I think this will work but I’d like to play it safe :slight_smile: