Sound question

What is better?

1 object in scene with all sounds assigned to it. and everything that needs sound wired to it?


ever individual object gets a sound logic block…like for explosions…

which runs better?

my next game is going to need lots resources for the physics

TIA for any help :slight_smile:

I would say that there isn’t going to be much difference in how much work the engine does. The sensors take up the time because they have to be checked for true/false. It’s just how you want to organize your game.

I would infinitely recommend against linking all audio-producing objects to one master sounder.

  • It creates a huge logic brick jumble.
  • Sound will (3D-wise) come from that object, not from the object that the sound “comes from”.
  • It’s a lot harder to create a sound setup (you’d select both objects and link the bricks, but then there’s the jumble, and…ick).

And also, you couldn’t have stereo sound…