Sound Recording Tool

Does anyone know of a program that will intercept any sounds that the computer outputs to the soundcard and record those sounds onto the harddrive?

Total Recorder.

I even paid the $11.95 to register it. They used to have a free trial version that limited recordings to 45 seconds. You can still find the free version out there:,fid,18500,00.asp

You can let it run in the background, not record dead space, and other options.

My favorites:

Goldwave- try out the free trial and then buy it if u want all the features

Audacity- another great sound editor / recording program… completely free as well

Most modern sound cards allow you to set what line you record from, like microphone, line-in, and it usually includes stereo mix, which is what is going out to your speakers. With that you can use any program, even Sound Recorder that comes with windows to record your master output.

Thanks for the replies; I will see what works.

If you’re on windows XP (should work for any version) go to start, control panel, sound and audio devices, voice. You’ll see two options there one is for playback device and one is for recording device. Just set your recording device to your sound card and it should work. You can use sound recorder to capture the sound but if you’re looking for a good program I reccomend Cool Edit Pro or if you’re doing music Cubase SE. :slight_smile: