Sound reflection/fade effect?

I am willing to have kinda sound reflection effect when driving car through tunnel. Is it somehow possible without hurting performance? It’d really improve the ambience of game…

Sound design is really fun. I’m not sure if you could find a method built into blender/aud, but…

Make two sounds, one normal, one with a single ‘echo’ after a few milliseconds and one with lots of reverb (using software like Audacity).
Then, in your game, have all of them playing and dynamically alter the volumes of them. If you’re in the open, play the normal one, if you’re near a wall ramp the volume of the single echo one up and the normal one down, if you’re in a tunnel you should hear mostly the reverb one etc.

You can also use velocity to control things like the volume of air rushing past. If you look at my BGMC18 entry (CaveFly), you’ll see there are three sounds that all depend on various factors: the speed of the craft, how long you’ve been firing the rocket for, etc.)

In my mind creating a rich soundscape is very important to the ambience, just as you’ve said.

OK! Thanks! I will give it a shot!:wink: