Sound Software?

What kind of sound software do you people use?


Garage band, Audition

is that for the mac?

Ableton Live myself. Personally love it for everything from creating sound effects to songs. I now feel so at home with it that most other sound software feels really clunky.

And I think Garage Band is a mac thing. Sure sounds like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer Extended

Yes Garageband is mac.

Garageband 2008
Soundtrack Pro
Melodyne trial version

thats it

Is audicity the only good option for ubuntu?

Nobody tried Sony Soundforge? It is awesome.

Yeh, that sony sound forge looks nice.

In my opinion, as sound editors, best are Sony Soundforge and Adobe Audition.

And then if you want sound sequenzers etc, you should look for Cubase, Nuendo for PC, and Logic for Mac

Ubuntu has a lot of good sound stuff. Ardour and Hydrogen work really well together and could rival Pro Tools. LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio is nice and is kind of like FL Studio (Fruity Loops). There is also Rosegarden and of course Audacity. I personally would suggest LMMS and Audacity. If you have instruments you’ll be plugging into your computer then I would suggest Ardour and Hydrogen. :slight_smile:

If you like trackers, try Renoise, it’s tracker on steroids, and works fine on Linux with alsa or jack.

no you can use Rosegarden and Ardour, jokosher. there are a few more but they don’t come to mind

I use Mixcraft 5,6: Adobe Audition, Audacity, Ardour, GoldWave.

I’ve been using audicity, but now i’m going to try some of these that you poeple use.

I used Ableton Live for 7 years now I use Reason --> and I am loving it. I also have my own external hardware synthesizers so I usually make my sounds outside computer. In my signature you can listen to my music.

I do everything with REAPER

They say it works well on Linux with Wine.
And it’s more or less free (The trial never ends), just that it gives you an annoying popup that you have to wait to close every time you turn it on.

^ what he said! Reaper is the best.

nothing is the best , everything has its pros and cons. Reaper included.

<slightly OT, sorry>

Hey kilon,

did I ever tell you how much I like you music? I might have, if so, I just say it again. :slight_smile:

I’m currently listening to Constellations and Final Gate, and just had to speak up. They’re awesome, great work. Thanks for sharing!