sound support

Hi, when I render my animation, it doesnt have any sound.

1 render the animation adding the soundtrack at the sequence editor, and I push mix down button, having selected the sound file at the sound subcontext in the render button
2 get 2 files one for audio and one for video.
3 I open a new blender project in windows(to have sound support), and add at the sequence editor, and paste the two sptrips one for sound and one for video
4 I pack the sound and render again.

The thing is that some times I get video and sound on the output video file and some times I don’t.
Any idea how it really works to have the audio always when I render?

The methode you’re using is not the best one. It’s better to use video post-processing tools like virtualdub or windows movie maker and add the sound with these programms.

There’s no reason not to use Blender for A/V sync projects. Once the video and audio tracks are ready, load them into the VSE as you’ve been doing and align and trim as needed. The trick to getting synced A/V tracks out of Blender is to only use the ffmpeg output option. That is the only one that actually muxes the tracks. Just make your settings on the video and audio format tabs, make sure that “Do Sequence” is clicked, and render your project with the “Anim” button.

One thing that can be confusing, is that if you do a mixdown and then output an .avi file to the same directory and play it, it will seem to have the audio. It really doesn’t, though, it’s just a pointer to the .wav file. If you move or rename it, the audio is lost.

Ei virtuadub works greate, I’ll try de ffmpeg though, thanx for helping guys