Sound sync in Blender 2.37a

I just downloaded Blender 2.37a and have it installed. In the sequence editor, I can’t get it to sync sound with the animation. What, if any has changed since 2.36 with this ability? If nothing has changed, then why isn’t it working? What am i doing wrong now?

I once had the same problem, and the solution was to change the Frames per Second rate to 24

Must say i haven’t tried in 237a

Tried that and no luck. :frowning:
Is there anything else that I can try. If not, I’m just going to have to go back to a previous version of blender to do what I need.

Mmmm ???

You know about ipo window ??? (Shift + F6) there you can press k key, yellow lines apear that can be moved to exactly fit your “sound time”. Use this with simple objects movements. (Shift + S) opens a menu for single but effective opperations and (n) for numerical inputs

If you have an armature movement you better use NLA Editor (trough window menu) or Action Editor (Shift + F12)

hope this help