Sound timed with events?


I’m trying to sort of imagine how using the bricks could timed events using sound, so that being audio vocal sound and some instrumental in one, can be timed with certain events in a scene. This not being a cutscene.

I’ve got some scenes that would need that, one of now so as a FP and a character alongside, there of course won’t be animation of the character alongside. But just trying to work out how a event can take place smoothly is the goal.


timed events?
so you got something that starts the event, so hook up sound actuator to it.

you using properties to start events?
hook sound actuator to a property sensor. (on change or specific property)

or use a counter when 1 event start lets say scary sound, then after 5 sec you activate lets say a scary voice.
or you can use near sensors to activate when player is near it.

Hmm, that I don’t know.

I don’t know what to use. The brick setup for the characters is being done by somebody else to travel to one point and then load into another where that last part will have a sequence of sound, and then an event where another character loads in to interact.

So once that is done, I’m just trying to gather info on how that could work.

You can use the timer property, it runs in seconds.
Use a property sensor with Greater than as the evaluation type.
Use states so that the property sensor switches the objects state and only triggers once.

count to 5
set timer to 0
then switch to state 2

play a sound
then switch to state 3

count to 8
set timer to 0
then switch to state 4

play a sound
then switch to state 1

This will play a sound after 5 seconds then another one after 8 seconds and then cycle.
You could add a final, empty state if you don’t want it to cycle.

Here’s an example blend, though I’ve set it up to add an object rather than a sound to save space on the upload and allow me to post it here directly.

timed_states.blend (441 KB)

Thank you for an example.

Hmm, the audio is in one file. So I’m not using seperate files. I may have to see if somebody can do it for me, sort of like a film scene. But the FP sees what is happening, and the voice between two characters is taking place.

I tried an edit, so in the first state as display in the image below, sound plays for thirty seconds. That is all I could get working, as for this state 2 try, so a new sound will play after. My sound sample is 11mb, another one would be 34mb or so.

I can’t get my head around what I would need to do then, so far the only object is a cylinder, as to get a character to move in after some sound.


What I usually did when I was working with logic bricks was to attach the sound actuator to an object, like the cylinder, and make the object invisible and static. So when I want to play a sound I spawn the object. Now the sound is associated with the sound object and will be unaffected by changes to your original timer object.

Otherwise if you play another sound, or change states or whatever, the first playing sound will be stopped and a new sound will replace it.

If you’ve got a big sound files you could try converting them to .ogg files or .mp3s. Be careful though as there is some lag associated with preparing a compressed file for playing. Less than 100 megs isn’t big though so you probably shouldn’t worry about it.

Can I transfer these bricks to the file I have? Is that possible at all?

import the object witht he bricks into your game.
select the object and the object you want to have the bricks on and hit ‘object’ (left down corner of 3d window), then hit game and copy the bricks.

You can do what Cotax said, but it might be better to spend some time trying to recreate the setup yourself first. The process of doing so will help you to understand what’s happening and why. That’s the best way to learn how to use a tool.

I’m just confused all round with this. I’ll need somebody to assist me with a sort of FP cut scene, Professor Robinson is walking in the bubble on the planet with West, after some chit chat, West walks forward to investigate an object nearby is then shot at and knocked out, the FP must return fire, but then gets knocked out. Sound will be a part of all of this, so snippets or one whole chunk what ever. I can supply what is needed.