I would like to add sound to my animation.
I’m using latest version 228, sound doesn’t work.- properly

I read a post here about this problem (can’t find it now)
But I remember he got a curt reply.

When you load a sound file you hit the ‘Play Button’
The sound plays out of your computer attached loudspeakers.
That gives you confidence that the sound file has loaded.
In version 228 that doesn’t work.
If you revert to version 224, included in the GameKit book
Yes, it works fine.
I do not recomend switching between blender versions
Although it only takes a few seconds to switch.
So I will switch if neccessary to make sound.
Your previous blender files will not be affected by re-installing a different version.
Its interesting that in Blender 225 the hidden menu buttons at top of screen are very different from recent versions
That’s me rambling on again.

How do I trigger a sound to start playing with an object .
And , how do — ------------- enough, I must go.


now do you mean in an animation or the game engine?

if the latter you must use publisher 2.25 (well, creator 2.23 may work too)

ok, for animations you have to use 2.28. Then add sound STRIPS in the sequencer.

when you want to output a render with sound there is a MIXDOWN button in the sound buttons which will create a wav file which you will combine with your animation in an editing application (nearly any one will work).

many have suggested virtualDub
(I don’t use it, and have little or no editing experience)

Yep the sequence editor is the place, and 2.28 also has the new feature of sound syncing, meaning it will play the sound data for every single frame as you go back and forth through the frames, at whatever rate you want. Very cool. This way you know exACTly where you are soundwise. it rules.

Though you are confusing syncing and scrubbing. Syncing keeps the animation in sync with the sound, while scrubbing just plays tiny parts of the sound at the current frame.

More people should read the audio sequencer’s documentation, the old RTFM problem.

I’m interested in creating games AND creating cut-scene animations within a game. Both require sound.
As far as I know, (until it’s fixed ) I have to use vs 225 or earlier to use the Game Engine.
Since my initial post, I’ve been working through the 'official blender gamekit ', vs 224 supplied.
Simple sounds triggered by touch/collisions or keypress work fine - in this version.
So I’m o.k. for sound at present.
Although I don’t like having to use old versions.
e.g. MMB doesn’t always do what you expect

The book is very good and I would recommend it to other newbies.

Regards to All.