Hi im new to blender, i couldn’t find which forums topic i should post this one so, i just posted it on here. How do i add some short sound effects? Like and explosion, clashing of swords, getting punched, ect…
Also, how do i add music?

You may have to resort the wording to your question, it’s a little ambiguous. How do you mean exactly jsalit?

try learning the Video Sequence Editor if you plan to put sound on your animation/rendering.

The only thing with that is that when you render the sound doesn’t come out with the rendered AVI or whatever format you have it in. If he’s talking about adding sound for something like lipsync, then the sequence editor by all means. But if he’s talking full on sound editing thats a whole new ball game and he’d have to go to the audacity or virtualdub forums.

Ya, I want to add like a sound effect of a person punching someone else, the sound of fire burning. I want to be able to put that kind of stuff on my animations.

ya, video editor then

K thanks, i looked at the video editor and it looks very complicated. Are there any good, easy tutorials on explaining this menu?

There are several very good (although rather incomplete) tutorials. Blender as a video editor is relatively new so many of the bugs and tricks have not been discovered.

What you are trying to do is very easy:

1 Go into the VSE (Video Sequence Editor) window
2 Add the AVI of your animation (Alternately you can add a scene for better control, but this is more complicated and resource intensive)
3 Add any sounds you might want. If blender doesn’t like the format, then change it.
4 Position your sounds, edit clips, make movie
5 Change render options to FFMPEG
6 Make sure that the ‘multiplex audio’ button is turned on
7 Render to the codec of your choice!

k thanks but where can i get the sounds from?