How do I go through the simple act of adding a soundtrack to my animation?


already looked at that my file is a wav file and it’s not locked, but it says unsupported audio format.

I think it has to be 16 bit.


does thie mean you must send the wav file with the blender file
or does the audio sequencer make its own copy/

please someone just walk me through…
I have the latest official blender, an animation, a song in .wav format, and an error message saying unsupported audio format when I try to add it in video sequence editor by doing add>audio (Wav)>[the song]. The song is on the internal hard drive, not on an external one.

Listen to Fligh…
A wav aint a wav…
BA helps those who help themselves…

/me is confused…
what do you mean a wav isn’t a wav? And what is BA? And I did listen to Fligh, but I don’t understand what he’s saying. What needs to be 16 bit, where do I change it to that, and where do I go from there? I appreciate the help guys but I don’t understand what you’re saying…

BA is BlenderArtists. A 16 bit .wav file is not the same as a 32 bit wav file. You’d need some audio app to convert it from 32 bit to 16.


…and sorry for being obtuse.
… it was early in the morning and I was waiting for my render to finish.

download Audacity
Open your wav file in audacity, then go to edit> preferences. Go to the “file formats” tab and change the Uncompressed export format to WAV(Microsoft 16 bit PCM). Then go to File>Export as WAV. Now you have a 16 bit wav file that can be imported into blender.
The Add>Audio(HD) should have a bit looser requirements on the file type though.

it’s ok freen I understand :slight_smile: thanks bgstratt and fligh I think I have it now I will try it in a sec!