Can someone please explain the way too complicated sound actuator? :spin:

I have looked at tutorials and they don’t help. :no:

And how would “I recreate” what the old blender had(the simple 1 button 3d sound) using these options?

Thanks guys and gals!

You can just use the defaults…

All the complex buttons set how far away you can hear the sound from.

I can hear the defaults forever away though. D:

The 3d sound isn’t being 3d.

It is ‘being 3D’. It gets louder when you get closer - you being the camera. I have tested it myself. I think it’s an awesome feature :slight_smile:

You have to use a proper camera, not the viewport defaultcam

I am using a camera. I want the sound to completely fade out. . .

I tinker around, and it either makes it muted or it still goes forever.

The Maximum Distance is set it “infinite” by default. Change that to a number (actual number depends on the scale of your scene). Also, make sure the Minimum Gain is set to “0” (it is by default). The rest of the settings can be pretty touchy. You’ll have to play around until you get something that you like.

It still goes on forever!! :frowning:

I set the max distance to 2. . .

Heck, I set it to 0 and it still is not 3d.

OHHHHHHH, the bigger the distance the more 3d it is. . .
That’s stupid. :\