is this in the right section? sorry if it’s not.
i am currently working on a game project, which i have talked about on this forum quite a bit, and also i am helping a good friend of mine on a movie he wants to make, and in both projects we have hit a problem with sound, and the sound effects. the first major problem with sound is voices. both projects are using people who are not professionals and quite a few of the actors have realy bad quality microphones with background noise in the clips and/or lots of grainy noise. what is the best way to clean up the clips, if possible? i have cleaned a few up by getting rid of the majority of background noise using wavepad sound editor, but i’m quite limmited with that as to what i can do. any suggestions?
second problem is, both projects are about dragons so there’s lots of fire being thrown around but how do we get the sound effects for that? not only that, but more simple things like walking, flying etc as well. we don’t realy have anything to mimic the sounds with (i’ve seen behind the scenes of several movies where they use other objects to make the sound they want). what should we do?
thanks for reading, any help is greatly apreiated.

Most people just download the sound effects they need off a website instead of bothering to create it themselves (which depends on how difficult it is to make and capture), there’s a massive collection of free sound effects on this site here.

You have to register on the site if you want to download any of the sounds, but this is perhaps the biggest collection of free sound effects you’ll find on the internet.

This may be no help, but Audacity (freeware) has noise removal features. As long as the noise is constant to sample and invert. Here is a tutorial I made for it.

As to foley (recording effects) you can make lots of cool noises, so long as you record them in a reasonably quiet environment with the mic up close to the source. Then in Audacity (or other DAW) slow the sound down (pitch controlled) and mix with some other cool noise. Remember that the sound you hear attributed to an event or character rarely has anything to do with it. Be original and try stuff out. It can be lots of fun. I often just go with making sounds from my throat and pitching them down :wink: