soundfiles in the gameengine?

I want to have some background-music in my game…i know how to make sounds work in a game, but my problem now is the file-extension. Blender only supports wav-files, right? Or are there any other files i could use?
Another problem is: some of my wav-files work some of them dont. All the compressed (little) wav-files dont work, only if i use decompressed files, but these are very (too) big…about 20mb and more…so that would realy slow down the game, if i want to use a lot of them. Is there a way of using compressed files or another file-extension in the blender game engine?

i think it supports .ogg.

you could put in 5 second really annoying music for the backround…


:expressionless: sadly it doesnt support my .ogg files…

Blender only supports wav files but with the help of pygame it can support ogg and mp3 files. Check here for a tutorial on doing this.
A bit advanced but worth it if you can understand it.