Sounds are... malfunctioning.

Okay, I am making a lunar lander game. Some of you may know that. You may also know that my macbook won’t play blender sounds. This annoyed me, so I moved the blend over to my iMac. I started up Lunar Lander, and for some reason it played the thrust sound. It kept looping, no matter what I did. The only way to stop it was to press ctrl. But what is weird, is that when I pressed ctrl to thrust, it played the thrust sound normally.
On top of that, it plays every sound I have loaded into Blender as soon as I start the game. Does anyone know why it does this? Maybe it was because my macbook runs Tiger, and my iMac Panther.
This is Blender 2.48.1.

We are using pygame for most of our sounds. check out the game tutorial forum for the pygame exampled from a guy named mmph.
It is very nice it just does not do 3d sounds.

I have problems with sounds just quiting for no reason. and popping randomly when I try to use the 3d sounds.

Ok thanks, the reason I never used pygame was because I wasn’t authorized to install anything… but now I am. So I’ll go check it out.

Unless 2.47 or 2.48 updated the sound system, I’d go with pygame. It offers much betters sound support. I had issues with blender sounds being cut short and such. Also, I was stuck to .wav files. With pygame, you can use .ogg.

The downside to pygame is that it requires Python to be installed on the end users computer. Also, you can’t really bundle the audio into the .blend if that is an issue to you.

Off-Topic Rhetorical Question: When will the GE’s sound support be upgraded? I want ipo curves for sound!!! (Please…)

Go (nicely) bug the devs on the #blendercoders irc channel. Then report back :smiley: