Sounds cut each other out

I’m trying to make an FPS completely without python, so please don’t bother any python-related responses for your sake.
Anyway, the only trouble I’ve run into so far is the sounds. When I shoot, the shell hitting the ground sound or the bullet hitting the wall sound cuts out the shooting sound. Or the clip hitting the ground sound cuts out the reloading sound. Or the dying yell cuts out the shell hitting the ground sound. :eek:
I was wondering if this is because some setting I’ve got turned on (or off), or if this happens to all games and I’ll just have to put up with a loud “BA-ping!” everytime I shoot. :mad:

P.S. While I’m posting, I might as well ask how I can randomise sound effects. I don’t really understand the ‘Random’ sensor/actuator.

What do you mean by randomizing the sounds? Randomising the pitch of the sound? I think that’s not possible with the logic bricks… The random sensor/actuator is meant for producing random values.

Aah, yeah, 'should’ve explanined that better.
I mean having a different grunt of pain each time I’m shot, or a different dying yell each time I die. Like, to randomly pick from a list of 5 dying yells when I die.

…but do you know how to fix my cutting-out problem? :slight_smile:

Arhh… i’ve the same problem:S
Are there someone there can help?

yea !!!

Mee too!!!

I have tried to have every sound on 1 empty on layer 1, and actuated bu messages…
I have also tried to have all the sounds assigned to individual empties and adding to layer 1…

for some reason the sounds only play the first few fractions of a second, and then cut out :(… at random times :frowning:

another question, how can we assign what object is the “listener” for the 3d sounds??

TIA for any help.

How are you planning to do mouse controls?

Regarding your sound problem, Blender’s sound system is not very good. I don’t know of any kind of fix.

Regarding your randomizing question, use a Random actuator to randomly change the value of an Int property. Then trigger different sounds depending on the value of that property. Good luck!

all I can say is use Pygame instead of the crappy sounds system of blender and it works pretty well for me and with pygame you can play mp3 and ogg files :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for the ignorant - what is pygame and how do you use it???

yea I think I would like to try this pygame too. I just tried a diffrent way, and they still cut out… I made timers for every sound so they never overlap, and they still cut out randomly .

Is pygame part of the main python install or is it another library?

I don’t personally know much about pygame, but I know how I’d find out: the magic search button. I’m ever the advocate for this wonderful tool. maybe to make up for my terrible skills at finding things ^^

I googled it, and found this little tidbit

I wonder if we have to have the end user install pygame too or if we can just distribute someDLL or something.

ok it works great!!! I got backdrop music :)… now I just got to hack the sounds

here is more information on commands we can use :slight_smile:

hope I can get this working tonight

Mmph!, are you using Pygame in Windows or Linux? I’ve had great success with it in Windows, but I can’t get it to work right in Linux. Pygame in Linux works fine for me when I run it from an independent Python script, but the second I try to run it from inside of Blender, it complains that it cannot gain access to my audio device. (My audio device is configured properly.)

About the end user: they don’t need to install Pygame as long as you distribute the audio library package that ST150 made (the one from blending-online). I can’t remember if he updated that, but I know someone else had posted a working audio library package from the newest Pygame a few weeks ago.

mattroe, I remember reading about similar problems in the past, and I know that at least one person found a solution to their specific problem. I can’t remember the thread. Try searching the boards for “sound” and related terms.