Sounds like an issue?

Hi all,

Before my hardrive broke down, I had a rather large library of SoundFX and music. Though most of the soundFX were of a nice, broadcast quality, the music was, mono, short and awful to listen to.

I’d like to use a lot of Hans Zimmer’s compositions with my work but I know that I’m not allowed to, however, many people who make new mods for the computer game MaxPayne 2, use original soundtracks from films like the Matrix and other action films. Although these mods aren’t for sale, the fact that they are redistributed freely and without protest from the MaxPayne 2 developers a law is still been broken…or not?

If official MaxPayne 2 websites can provide mods for free download that include copyrighted music, why can’t I have Hans Zimmer themes in the films that I’d like to make with Blender and then redistribute for others to see.

Any help would appreciated



One copyright holder may choose not to enforce all of the unfair uses. It would be too costly and create bad publicity. There is also the benefit of additional exposure through games and other media.

For your question, it may be worth contacting Hans Zimmer. Explain the situation (free content) and a positive use (you aren’t trashing his music). Respecting the copyright rules may actually get you an answer.

It could be that the music rights are owned by the film producer/distributor. That would make it very tough.

Good luck.

I agree. Ask.

The fact that others are copying or incorporating music like The Matrix, doesn’t make it right or legal. Actually asking permission … once the folks in the legal department pick their jaws up from the floor … can open a lot of doors.