Sounds volume in BGE

I know there is a way for the target option in the steering actuator while in seek type that could be set in a script , but is it possible for the sound actuator ?

I need it that way so that i could have a sounds effect and music volumes in a User Interface for settings
(implying that the sounds actuators are either .mp3 for music or .ogg for sounds effects).

My ideal setup would be where all the sounds actuators are all connected to a single script in a python login brick.

Any help is much appreciated and in the hope that it also helps anyone.

Here is a test file but actuator.volume should work . Check docs at


SoundTest06.blend (119 KB)

Here is another example. You can fade the sound away over time by multiplying it with some value that is less than 1.0


SoundTest07.blend (119 KB)

This one is generating sound from a soft synth I guess or a square wave. I found this on audaspace api wiki.


TetrisSoundBge.blend (89 KB)

Random pitch shifting a sound gives almost a talking robot sound effect unfortunately this also disables the 3d positional effect.


SoundTest08.blend (119 KB)

thanks allot blenderer2012.