SoundTrack contest


I am the developper (with my brother) of shareware programs like Melody Assistant and Harmony Assistant which are music composition software.

We organize since several years a Friendly Musical Contest

where our users have to compose a music following a mandatory topic.

The 17th session is just starting.

For a next contest, we want to propose as subject “add the soundtrack to a 3D movie” and provide a movie for this.

Do you thinks some Blender users can be interested to collaborate ?

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I’d love to have a go at it, however a few things:

  1. I’m a little inexperienced with animations, so in order to come up with something good I’d need a reasonable deadline.

  2. Is there any sort of payment?

  3. I would have to have the rights to use the video for my own, non-commercial use, such as a demo reel for job searches and such, with the needed credit given to the composer and anyone else involved, should they require it.

  4. How long?

Edit: the programs look awesome by the way, I haven’t heard of them before.


The goal is not to create a 3D movie.

If you already done a 3D movie, from a duration about 2-5 mn, and don’t own a soundtrack, you can propose your movie.

We will select one 3D movie for our musical/sountrack contest.

You will be allowed to use for free the provide soundtrack but in exchange we will be allowed to show your 3D movie on our site.

This is a Friendly contest.

Best regards

Wait… the goal is NOT to create a 3d movie? I’m confused.

Shown on your site is fine with me. I might try something. Sounds like fun.

Is there a deadline?

Hopefully I didn’t say anything UNfriendly, my apologies if I did :slight_smile:


English is not my primary language, sorry.
I read again my first message on this thread and for me it is clear.
What do you not understand ?

Best regards

What he means is that he has competitions running to fit a soundtrack to an animation. Rather than creating the animation for the soundtrack he wants you to make 3d animation (or use an old one) for the competitors to battle against each other over.

It sounds very interesting but I would like to know a bit more details.

For instance:
How many people download your software?
How many people take part in your contests normally?
What sort of prizes can the entrants win?
Does the “3d artist” get anything for the time he puts in?

Southands by day.

How many people take part in your contests normally?

About 40-50, see more here :

What sort of prizes can the entrants win?

This depends. In general an harmonica.

Does the “3d artist” get anything for the time he puts in?


No, but It will be able to use for free the soundtrack for this movie.

Best regards

Do you have any preference of what the 3D Movie should be about ?

For example, do you want it to be just an abstract piece of 3D objects floating about ?

Or do you want a little story about something / anything / everything ?


No, we don’t have any preference. May be the file size ? As it will be provided on our web site, it must be lower than 5 Mb.

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So the ani makers get one free soundtrack? Cool! I see if I got something…