Soundtrack Looping / Stopping

I have a soundtrack audio clip that I am looping, using logic bricks:

if Property ‘SoundOn’ = True, then it loops the soundtrack.

When the user enters another area of the game I want to change the soundtrack loop, how can I have this soundtrack looping, and yet be able to stop it when the user enters the next part of the game?

Also, is there a better way to trigger this change (I am using a Near logic brick - but if the user goes near this area, it would re-trigger the sound change)?

Thanks in advance!!!

  • invid

Probably your best bet would be a while loop in Python.

I think…

Hehe, yeah try that in Blender, it will instandly freezes until the while loop is done. :slight_smile:


So, what would you suggest?

I’ll do a search in the GameBlender sources backup I have here, and post a blend if I’m back home.
I thought I have a blend files which includes somet sounds effect that trigger on certain places of a level. So wheny uo walk to a part you hear bird making sounds and when you walk away you hear someone singing and the birds sounds fade away. I’ll try to find it. :slight_smile:

Oh, like 3D sound? I think that is an option for loaded sounds.