Soup material

Hello. I am putting together a japanese dinner scene of sorts in blender and I am trying to make a bowl of soup for it. The problem is I haven’t been able to get good results making a material that looks like somewhat cloudy soup. I’ve tried Volumetric scattering and it doesn’t yield any good results. I was hoping one of you could help me out. Much appreciation!


i’m also on a similar thing, hope we can respond here :slight_smile:

Quick and dirty first test:

Needs work (Obviously!), but perhaps as a starting point…?

I modified set up a little for fun to get more texture

have fun

happy cl

I’d add some noise to the density of the volumetrics. Soup (specially miso-based soups) tends to have a non-uniform distribution of internal opacity aka “clouds”.

That’s a great idea! Next try (Looks a bit like milk emulsifying with coffee, though… Should have toned down the Musgrave. And never mind the stuff in the soup - it sucks…;)):

(Full size)