Source Engine Racing Logo

It needs more light, the boat itself needs to be skinned. But most importantly, I need waves to come through the hole behind the boat.

I have absolutely no experience with particulates and have no idea how to do waves. But I am willing to learn.



I added water and set the environment to paper and blend and set the top to light blue.

I am somewhat confused as how to work a skymap, but when I get one in I’ll post it.

Comments-crits welcome…


I thinks the object is to simple. And the water is much te clean.

How would I dirty the water? And lower render times…

I’m glad that, within this community, one can post something and have it thoughtfully critiqued. (HINT!!!)

Perhaps it is perfect? Ready for PP?

I very much doubt it…

The boat is severely lacking in details. It is difficult to tell it is a boat at all. The logo could do with better texturing.

Also, logos are normally simple block reliefs. By making it have 3d elements you are creating something with elements that are too simple (the boat) or too complex (the water)

A vector art representation might be better, or maybe some over source logos so we can see what you are trying to achieve. Hell, a brief discription of what you are trying to achieve would help.

We can’t crit if we don’t know what you are going for.


i second that. Did you read the outline? We need meshes, project ideas, sketches, details, background, your ideas, your skill, history.

we can’t work with nothing.

My apologies. Having found this a much too difficult project for one of my experience level I have put it on hold for the time being.

Thankyou for your replies.

I am somewhat confused as how to work a skymap, but when I get one in I’ll post it.

Load one of the textures into the worldbuttons, then use the settings highlighted here: