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So I don’t know if you all heard the news, but Valve Software, the makers of Team Fortress 2 and Portal, among others, have just this past week released the software they used to make their promotional and in-game videos.

I’m pretty impressed with how it works, and I’m pretty pleased to see some workflow techniques I have used as awkward workarounds in Blender implemented as compete features in SFM. For example, when I animate, I tend to use my tablet as a puppet handle to manipulate gestures in real time (to block out motion), and Valve has even released a tutorial explaining how to do just that. I also like that you can view animation curves in the 3D viewport.

So I’m curious if any other Blender users have used SFM and found any features they wish were in Blender. Any thoughts? Any creations?

So I don’t know if you all heard the news
This will make it at least the third thread on this subject

I did a quick search but I didn’t see a post-release topic. My bad.