Source of Inspiration(small updates at bottom 2-25-05)

I have been playing with this for a while, trying to get a proper render. I can’t for the life of me figure out why there is a source of light coming from the left causing table shadows that should not be there. I want the strange lamp to be the only source of light. Anyways, I will make a better floor and wall. Please help me with any suggestions.:slight_smile:

Looks very good. The shadows look fine IMO. I think the legs of the table aren’t touching the ground. Other than that, it looks quiete nice. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Dwarven Fury, I fixed the legs and messed with the wall and floor a little but had to go to work before I could see the render.

Does anyone else think the shadows of the table legs seem off or is it just me?

I really would like to be satisfied enough with this blend to show it off to friends and make them go…whoa, that is actually really cool.

Please, whoever looks at this post give whatever suggestions on things to add, subtract, or just change.

You could use a negative lamp to either soften or remove the shadows that you don’t like. Just an idea, I’m not sure if it’ll do what you want or not. I like how this pic is turning out.

Great idea, you know I looked at that option and for some reason have never used it. I will definitely give it a try when I get home. You think that a negative lamp under the table, power of around .3 or less might take care of the problem?

A negative lamp with a power of around 0.3 sounds like it should work well. I’ve used negative lamps before and they can really help add dramatic shadows. Keep up the good work. (I can’t believe that no one else has posted any comments, this is a really good looking pic)

I agree, it is really nice to get a wide variety of comments on renders. Thank you, Fury, for offering me your comments as already I can tell it will make a big difference.

Are you using a HDRI map or radiosity?

No yafray or radiosity, just blender internal with ray-tracing.

Here are some small updates:

This one I changed the wall and the lighting a little:

This one I added a negative lamp underneath(Thanks Dwarven Fury, I think we are on to something.)

At home I have one rendering that adds a little more detail to the back wall. Also, it will have an only shadow sun pointing down at the top of the lamp to attempt to give proper shadow under the table. I am hoping this combined with the negative will give the effect that I am going for.