Source/s for images (preferably hi-res or SVG files) of Blender's UI icons?

Hi, all! :slight_smile:

First of all I’m not sure where to best post this thread so sorry for any inconvenience.

I’m planning to create a personal guide for future use of Blender and if it goes well I might be able to share it with you folks in the future as well. I was wondering where I can find good quality image files for Blender’s UI icons, I’m trying to incorporate good graphic design to the guide to make it easier and convenient to understand (like infographics quality).

Any good sources? I’ve heard that the icons are compiled in Blender’s file so it’s a no go and the closest I’ve found has low resolution (

I figure you didn’t want to download the whole source to get just this one file.
So go grab it from my GDrive:

Thanks, I’m not sure that this is different compared to the one I found. For some reason though I can’t open it because Illustrator keeps crashing.

Sry for answering so late. I was busy with non-digital stuff.
Could you try to open it in Inkscape? It’s working fine here.

Just opened it and it’s just what I was looking for, thanks. Now I could step up my guide making.

You mentioned the ‘whole source’, where exactly can I get that? For future reference.

I ment the Blender source code. Just follow the links on

Thanks again :eyebrowlift: