Sourcecode output?

(daftkid) #1

Ok i’m just messing about in my head here, but is it possible to get Blender to write a “raw-source” from a given animation or object or animated object?

What i was thinking was that since 3d is basically mathematics, and since Blender has to code the math, wouldnt that be possible to write to a source in for example c++?

Heres what i want to do: When one makes a demo( the grapfics is beeing manually coded in a prefered language, what i thought was that there might be a solution trough blender shortening the time it takes to make a demo?

Yeah i know people like the coding bit, and i like it myself, but i’ve found that some of the rendered animations i’ve done in avi for example, tend to be abit big, and maybe a clean sourcecode compiled into an .exe file would be any smaller?
But then again i could be wrong… anyway i think a sourcecode output from blender could be made useful in some ways, how about y’all?

(kattkieru) #2

You could do it in python easy by printing information into C arrays or structures, etc. Python’s perfect for that kind of output. You walk through the blender object tree and export vertex info, meshes, and so on.

I think another thread (on blender being used in the commercial games on GBA, Jimmy Neutron I & II) that the creators of the game used a similar method.

(daftkid) #3

Cool! although in fear of nagging, could anyone point me in that direction web-ways? :wink: