Sources of Entertainment

hi guys …
i love to share my thoughts … so we r having many sources of entertainment in todays life and most of them are online sources.
what you think is best source for entertainment from following. And I am giving sites for those sources. like:
> music …
> games …
> others … you suggest ?

(music) videos…
games… is another great video site that you probably knew about.

Other: a site with a gigantic list of most of the pay phones in the US. Prank phone call time :smiley: is a forum with lots of great people, though not quite as nice as everyone here at the blender community :slight_smile:

Blender! You can make your own entertainment.

I also like music.


nice job advertising your site, prince007.

Doesn’t anybody (except MartyJ) see the spam??

aha! I do now

It’s a really simple advertising method. A couple of things give it away:

  1. It’s his first and only post.

  2. He hasn’t signed back in since he posted.

  3. He put the site in his signature too.

Of course, you can’t really prove anything, but that’s the beauty of that style of advertising.