South Africa: World Champions RWC 2007

Anyone here interested in the world cup this years/ All Blacks, Australia, or maybe even Springboks?

Not the Springboks, and not Australia

Lol, actually, I find myself with weird dual loyalty now-a-days… Though, certainly not to Australia.
Mind you, the Springboks are actually looking good lately.

I’ll be supporting the defending champions instead. Not that we stand much chance of winning - getting to the semis would probably be the goal, preferably knocking out the Aussies en route!


Yeah, a friend of mine will be watching the SA - England match. lucky bastard

Anyone watched last night’s game? SA vs England, 36 - 0
How cool was that!!!

That was such an awsome game. Well done to the boks!

not as grand as 108-13 Allblacks vs Portugal. booyah.

hi-fives Alltaken

Geesh, Portugal is hardly a rugby country, my old high school team would have beaten them. England is the reigning world champions - they didn’t manage to score one single point…
Oh, and last night’s twenty20 cricket: SA beat England by 19 runs.

Moves hand

Can’t touch this…

Ha ha, it was awsome.

Man I was so happy after watching Friday’s SA vs England game I went and bought myself a Bok beanie the next day, I wanted the shirt but man it’s just too expensive. It’s the best I’ve seen SA perform in a long time and I’m very proud of our boys!!!

Dude I’m sorry to say this man … I really am … but … SA IS GOING TO KICK THE ALL BLACK’S BUTTY!!!:smiley:

Well now, we can safely say it not going to be All Blacks :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s see what the Springboks will do to Fiji today! Semi-finals here we come! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ok, today has passed, and we’re off to the semi’s! By all reckoning, the Springboks should really go all the way now.

Is there really no-one here interested in freaking rugby?!! Where are all those South Africans from the South Africans thread?

Cmon England!! im optimistic that we can get to the final (yea ok so long shot against the Frogs in paris but what the hell) for a SA - England final.

SA-England final! That would be cool.
Uhmm, remember our previouis game? What was that score… 36 - 0 or something like that…

LOL this is so funny, see-ya Aus and NZ, crazy times.

hahaha yeah the All Blacks will and Us Kiwi’s will get over our loss in about 8 years :slight_smile:
(4 years till we host it and 4 more years to reflect on losing in 2010 XD)

Dude I’m sorry to say this man … I really am … but … SA IS GOING TO KICK THE ALL BLACK’S BUTTY!!!:smiley:
nuh-uh-uhhh!not gonna happen bro.ALL BLACKS!BOOM-BOOM-CHICKA-CHICKA.umph, oh yeah, w0000000000t
.lol. :RocknRoll::RocknRoll::ba::ba::RocknRoll::RocknRoll::eek::cool::evilgrin:cept didnt FRANCE beat da ALLBLACKS?! BAGAGHGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGHGHGH!

actualy imma soccer guy meself, but i still support the all blacks.thing is, for most of the world, rugby is not really interesting, a sortof <yawn>who cares thing.

Rugby isn’t Everything - it’s the only thing! The All-Black went in proud, thay come back proud. A moment of Silence please!