South African Blender-heads

I was just wondering how many SA Blender users there are at this forum, I’ve seen only a few so far. Maybe say aye if you’re Souf affrican :wink:

Howzit bru’

Hoe lyk 'it!

Howzit kazzins! Schhweet man, three (incl me) so far.

SA was home base during the many years I spent in Africa, but jobs for white foreigners dried up when Madiba was elected. I left in '98. Learned to speak Afrikaans and a bit of Xhosa. Still lus for biltong, romany creams, flake, melktert, rusks and rooibaard. I can make bobotie and samoosas but some things like crunchies and koeksisters are impossible because SA is the only place on earth you can buy Golden Syrup. Should never have left what with the mess this place is in. Looking back it would have been so easy to get an ID from the friendly Nigerian down in Seapoint


Don’t bother with the Nigerian, just go to the Dept of home Affairs, they sell them for less. Actually during a TV documentary, the presenter manage to buy ID’s, work permits and other social grants at each and every single Home affairs office he visited around the country. :cool:
Question is: Why would you want a SA id???

Fligh I’m with ya! There’s certainly many things about SA that’s just utterly awesome. However SA has so many internal problems now, you might not recognise the place. I really try my best to be optimistic about things but I can’t help feeling more and more depressed and unwelcome in my own country. I was a teenager when Apartheid was scrapped, yet if you’re white (especially male) in this country you constantly get the past rubbed in your face (and more, but I’d rather no rant too much). Sins of the fathers I suppose, just one of those things …

Yeh I saw it, didn’t surprise me. Apparantly the whole Home Affairs is in for a revamp now to kill off corruption. Hopefully. I never went to pick up my Passport 5 years ago, chances are there’s probably someone else travelling around with it.

Maybe special assignment should do a show on why Golden Syrup is so scarce in the rest of the world…

Why would you want a SA id???

Did you read my first sentence? Besides, it’s warmer than Canada and kudu make better biltong than moose.

Seriously though, it’s all about freedom. I left the US just as I turned 20 and when I got back it was a different country. In the intervening 30 yrs I had also been whitewashed by the media about freedom, liberty, justice and democracy. It’s very difficult for people to realize the subtle, day to day changes (as they are practiced rather than as they are preached) when they are a part of that society. But when you step out for 30 yrs it’s a shock when you step back in.

My ‘mother’, a lady who looked after my sister and myself when my biological mother went to the big house, is now 72 and living in a two story, four bedroom house in Manhattan on a fixed income of about $30,000 a year. Last year her property taxes jumped from $16,000 to $38,000. This corporate squeeze is happening all over the country and what happened (is happening) in the aftermath of Katrina is a good illustration of how much liberty, justice and freedom has been ceded to corporations and just how ineffective the private individuals’ recourse is to the law and other statuary tools. I think all the countries I lived in in Africa, except Angola and Zimbabwe, have a better record -in practice- than the US, in spite of the Land Distribution in ZA. At least white farmers had some instrument of appeal and recieve(d) some compensation, even if it wasn’t market value.

For freedom to be real it must, of necessity, come with some risks attached. However, the risk of being prosecuted for flying the stars and stripes outside your own front door, on your own property should not be one of those risks. It reduces society to a sterile incubator where individual freedom is controled by those ‘elected’ board members who have their fingers on the temperature switch. I’d far rather take my chances with the mob in Bonteheuvel or Gugeletu than with the corporate mob, especially if it comes with golden syrup, Mrs Ball’s chutney and boerewors.


Yep, that’s the problem with SA these days. Even an optimist like me, just cannot see any reason for improvement in SA in the future. Simply nothing is being done to solve the real problems here, while in the mean time our infrastructure simply deteriorates. Power shortages, since there simply has been no maintainance work done on any power stations, in post apartheid SA. Here in the Western Cape there are water shortages, becuase of huge population growth, while no new dams have been built. The roads are deteriorating, becuase there’s no money to do maintainance, yet the government is receiving more tax money from road users than ever before. Medical facilities has literally gone down the drain. Hospitals, like Tygerberg and Groote Schuur where the biggest and best equipt hospitals in the southern hemisphere, now they are literally falling apart. Tygerberg actually stinks when you drive past. Crimewise, at 52 murders a day we have the most murders per capita in the world, oh and we also rank #1 for rapes and child murders.
With all these and many more serious problems, there is simply no plan from government’s side to deal with it.
Ok, I’ll stop ranting now. Hey, we do have sunshine :slight_smile:

Interesting to hear a foreigner’s view. However, the question of freedom here is one of my problems. How much freedom is there when it is too dangerous for your children to play outside, walk or ride bicycle to school. And we live in a fairly decent suburb. In general people do not leave their homes after dark, as it is too dangerous in many parts of the country.

The rate at which people on farms are murdered is actually higher than the death rate during the war in Namibia (then South West Africa) in the 70’s and 80’.

When I lived in Jo’burg in the 90’s, there were areas in Midrand at one stage where they actually had to switch the traffic lights off at night, since it was too dangerous to actually stop at traffic intersections.

I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but God it will be really nice to not have to worry so much about the future. The first half of my life we had to worry about the outcome of apartheid and the ‘struggle’. Then in post apartheid there are all the previously mentioned problems. I would just love to be in a place where the news is boring, becuase not much goes wrong.

Howzit from Jozi, GP (Gangstas Paradise) Crime captial of SA. I make four. Sins of the father? What sins? He suported the blacks during apartheid.

I would have left for the British army but they made that stupid law and the Czech army wont except me because I cant speak the language as well as I should. Wish the Czech community had lessons like the Porras.

Ah well maybe we should all stop biaatching and moaning and get on with our lives…
Now how about some news about a Safrican bootjie done good, Gavin Hood is going to direct the Wolverine movie! how’s that…finally we can stop hearing about Charlize and her crap achievements

Heeey that’s sweet, the oke is really making name for himself at the moment, I hope he does a good job on it though, if he stuffs-up Wolverine there will be no mercy for him as it has a huge following, the fans will be relentless.

As for Charlize … dis my bokkie daai … don’t diss my bokkie broe. :smiley:

sorry brother :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well it seems the other movie he made with Reese Witherspoon has gotten some positive looking reviews so ja from The Game to Wolverine, kwaai! maybe he’ll put ol’ Arnold Vosloo in there! that would be kwaai!

Stop biaaching?? Hey, next year I’ll be out of here for good. Then I can be an All Black supporter. Would be cool to actually be able to cheer or a winning team. Ok, this year’s Super 14 was quite a pleasant change, I admit, but fuck, after how many years of repetative disapointment?
Now watch, coming world cup, we’ll drop out early, and of course there will be 10 000 good reasons for it.
Oh well, I know, I’m a grumpy old fart these days…

Although I am proudly south african I have never once supported a south african rugby/cricket/soccer team! its nice to have people hate you when you shout for the opposing side! schweet

I guess I’m number 5 (or 6?). It seems I’m a bit too lazy too count this morning. Maybe I should get another cup of coffee (although a broffie actually sounds like a better idea :slight_smile: ).

When I look at our neighbour Zimbabwe, I realize that this country can be a hell of a lot worse, but just because it isn’t that bad, doesn’t mean it should not be better.

The solution to all South Africa’s problems is to put people in charge who are not corrupt and can actually do their jobs. This might not be politically correct to say, but just because a person fought in the “struggle”, doesn’t mean that they are fit to be a minister.

unfortunately its the countries current policy…

“current” makes it sound like it might actually change sometime. I don’t think in our lifetime though.
I know this is politically uncorrect to say (and a very negative statement), but the unfortunate truth here is that there simply has not ever been a country with an African government that has made any positive progress. Judging by what has been happening here the past 13 years, what makes anyone think South Africa is going to be the first?
Even more worrying is the fact that education is the lowest priority here. For the past seven years, the matric results have been consistantly worse every year. Last year’s “class of Madiba” being the worse in history here. While this year we are pretty much guarrenteed even worse results, with all black schools having missed midyear exams, due to the teachers’ strike. Without education, how is this developing country expected to ever develop???
Imagine how Jacob Zuma is going to rule:eek::eek::eek: Fortunately, Mbeki has used (abused?) his power to put himself back in power for the next term. That gives us a few more years.