South Australia Blender User Group

Hey, Guys I recently joined the Blender 3d train, I have had it for years but never got around to using it because of obvious reasons ( UI). But the debut of 2.8 changed my mind and I can happily say am no longer a Modonuts after 17yrs of using Modo. I realized though that there is no user group for blender in Adelaide Australia, so if there are any Adelaidians here and will be happy to start or join a SA blender 3D user group please let me know so we can start one.

Hi fellow Adelaidian!

Id be interested to also know what people are using blender for around town :blush:

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Hello Gibbz, i am absolutely looking forward to it. I am more than happy to start a Adelaide blender user group should the interest increase.

There is definitely a fair few blenderers around, and some companies working in the commercial space that use blender as their main tool cough cough :slight_smile:

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hehe, i believe with 2.80 in the atmosphere there will be alot more companies joining the blender train.
where abouts are you guys in SA, am around the nothern suburbs from the city, modbury area.

2.8… we will be waiting at least 6 months. our scenes go ridiculously slower (and have reported many bugs)

We are based out of the city now (~10 3D people, most are across blender).

I agree, I personally think that even a July release is a bit too early for such a milestone release. I have had my fair share of crashes in 2.8 trying to do simple tasks like undo :smile:.
I am still getting used to the workflow in blender. As someone coming from modo, i am so used to a particular workflow so much that trying to relearn a new workflow get in the way all the time :wink: . the industrial keymap was a huge win for me.

Adelaide Hills Blenderer here!
I work with amateur theatre groups and have used Blender for making animated backdrops for quite a few shows with Hills Youth in Stirling.
I also do magic and sometimes make my own props with Blender and 3D Printing.

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Interesting! Are there often jobs that come up that involve blender there? I’d be pretty keen to apply :slight_smile:

I have done a few 2D animation project for client here in Adelaide, but i haven’t dont anything 3d yet, Adelaide is small time compared to the bigger states like Sydney and Melbourne, so it is expected.

Hi guys!
Blender user from Adelaide here too. I was in Melbourne for a few years for work, but I returned some months ago :slight_smile:

I’m very interested to keep in touch with other local users.

We had a couple of Blender meetups years ago, and they went very well. A chance to share what we’re working on, and some tips in person. Always adds a bit more than just online.

Very keen Bnks, maybe a Discord server could be a handy way to group up initially?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey LohnS, glad to have you on board, Quick question though, what was the numbers like when you had your first meeting? also i will quickly get a discord setup for this and share the link here, thanks for the tip.

Hello Everyone, just a quick follow up with our discord channel,
SABG (South Australian Blender Group) link for anyone who want to join the group, if this link expires, just request for another one
regards to all

Looks like the link did expire when I checked it. But I’ll keep an eye on the thread for an updated link.
Thanks for setting this up!

The last meeting was great, it was hosted by MonkeyStack. Ended up about 8-9 people, not bad!
I think these kind of small live meet ups can add something unique :slight_smile:

Keep in touch

1 Like there you go, the creative Pool in SA particularly with those using blender isn’t that many, 8-9 people is a surprise turn out. looking forward to continuing this chat on discord.

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Hi all, just found this post - also an Adelaide based Blenderer. I realise it’s a few years old now, but just wanted to say hi!

Hi Vetmora,
Thanks for stopping by. You are right this post is a few years old, the turn out was uninspiring so we went quite, i am happy to revive it again if the interests is there.
Again thanks for stopping by. :raised_hand:

Nice to meet you all - just another blender user in adelaide. If a community ever does form, would be interested in joining. Thanks all.