south park

has anyone ever tried to mimic the style? the construction paper cutout, ive been sucessful and im wondering if anyone else has? dose anyone know how many frames a second the animation should be?

Not that exact style, but the technique is pretty much the same all around. If you want more of that hand-animated feel, cut your standard framerate in half. A fair amount of hand-animated work is shot “in twos” meaning every frame is duplicated. So for standard NTSC, you’d set your framerate to 15fps (rather than the standard 30). PAL would be 12.5 and film would be 12.

That should give you the nice choppy look you’re looking for.


Something else that supports this: I’ve read somewhere that when they made The Iron Giant, since the giant was computer animated but the humans were hand animated, if the giant and a human were onscreen at the same time, and the human was animated on twos, they would also animate the giant on twos rather than on ones so that they would match.

However, the deliberate “choppy” feeling may have more to do with jerkiness vs. smoothness of the underlying movement rather than framerate. For example, I’ve seen an indie cartoon called “Eggs” that was animated completely on threes, but which was so smoothly animated that one wouldn’t notice the low framerate.

Good point. If you want to keep that choppy pose-to-pose kind of feel, be very conservative in your usage of squash n’ stretch. Also, don’t use ease-in or ease-out (or blend-in/blend-out… basically you want your IPOs to be jagged lines and not curves… the VKEY will be your friend here).

You can also try a google search for Blender Park

I found this a while ago when I was doing some lipsync of my own.
I tend to use RVK, but this is done with mouth shape replacements.

(to get some of the older material you may want to contact the author.)