Southern California Blender User Group?

Orange County / L.A. CG Animation User and Networking Group.

Are you interested in meeting on a regular basis, say once a month to share and discuss modeling, animation techniques, in general CGI as related to Blender at a location in Orange County? This would be a great opportunity to learn from one another as well as a networking group.

I’m considering doing it on a Saturday or Sunday rather than a weekday evening so that if you live in LA, San Diego or Riverside Counties you hopefully won’t have to fight the traffic.

If so, post it here along with your comments and suggestions.


I am in Washington, but maybe you could back me up here:

LA is a 2 hour drive(Vista), Im scared to mention how long it takes to get to LA on a bus, since its about 3 hours to get to San Deigo from Vista :P. And I have no car so mostly likely I won’t ever make it.

I will into it though. Some Location would be nice btw.


Vista is a one hour ride from Orange County.

The location for the meeting will be in Orange County which is central to LA, San Diego and Riverside counties.

I’d like it more if it was in San Diego. But the more blenderheads the better.

Orange County might be a neat place to hold a Blender meet. I might be able to make a Sunday meet once every two months or so… no reason to be too social =). If it was in san diego I don’t think I’d go on a regualr basis… the drive there is just a bit tedious.


Thanks for the reply. For some reason I didn’t get notified you replied to this thread.

I’ll probably start initially every other month, once the word gets out and if there are more people who want to meet, I’ll consider making it every month if there’s enough interest. I’ve received some PM’s from people in the L.A. area who would like to meet.

I’ll also consider setting the meeting up a at a location where it might be more convienent to the majority. Meaning, if most responses are in L.A then L.A. it is.

This is a great idea. I’m in Huntington Beach, so OC is perfect for me. I usually have to drive into L.A. for meetings with my film group.

Ryan - Great!

As soon as I get a few more responses, I’ll set up a meeting time and place.

If you know any other Blenderheads or CG’ers who’d be interested , please have them drop me a line here.


Any updates on this plan?

I’m near Riverside . . . so attendance is possible for me. It would all depend upon the timing of the meet & my own schedule though.


Hello, I live in downtown LA and wouldn’t mind the bus ride to the OC once a mouth to meet concerning Blender, after all Blender is and will be a large part of my life to come. Once you get the number your looking for please let me know.

Thanks Eric,

I hope to start this sometime in the second quter of 2007