southseaisland model for a film

hello guy’s

i searching a model for a southseaisland for usingng in a film.

If you have one ore a link to a side ther’s one contackt me on [email protected]


Jacky Chan

hey jacky chan, did that even make sense to you?

are you saying you want a model of an island in the south sea?

Whoa! Jackie Chan’s on our forum… though he did spell his own name wrong.

Oh, and Jacky, the ’ before the s isn’t supposed to be there, an apostrophe (the ') is only if you combined two words (in the case of what’s it’s an I, as in What is) and you took out a letter.


Give the guy a break, english may not be his first language :slight_smile:

Theres two ways i i can interperet this:

  1. He’s looking for a model of a south sea island to be used in live action

  2. He’s looking for a model to be used in a south sea island…possible live action…

this reminds me of the “your base are belong to us hype” some while ago.

how’s that?

anyone who can speak 2 languages gets a 5 zorros in my book :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z . i can bearly speak 1 :-?

where I come from were supposed to speak 2 languages plus german, as the germans keep forgetting that dutch isn’t just another german dialect.

hey, i speak estonian, english, limited russian , am learning german and finnish and really want to learn italian. Any zorros left over for me :expressionless: ?

Anyhoo, this is the first time i’ve seen an off-topic go off-topic :slight_smile:

i always take off topics off topic and sorry 5 zorros is the highest it goes but you both get five wish id said 4 now.

5 zero"s!!! thanx a lot man… :< :wink:

hah hah i edited my post now you look like a fool :stuck_out_tongue: … untill i mentioned that i edited my post now it makes me look like a fool again.

ni hao chan jacky .ni hao ma?

that is all they ping yin i know right now. but i dont know where to get a model of a island…

If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s blendermax and his silly games again :slight_smile:
Then again, I DON’T know better… hmm

does the amount double if you can speak 3?

I’m afraid you’ve got to speak 4 languages for that…

Now you can only expect to get 7.5 zorro’s from steve343… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW. Jacky Chan, I actually don’t want to offend you… I agree with Riskbreaker, we shouldn’t judge others, especially in case English is not their first language, but you definetely need to make your request a little bit more clearer to us…