"Soviet Dream"

Hello Guys,

This buran shuttle launch scene is completely made in blender and rendered with cycles, please rate and click to see in high res

Materials Preview

thank you

Fog kill most of contrast, making all a bit flat for my taste. Maybe few spot light help to get more dynamic as http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/men-in-black-3-maximus-uk.html.

Despite that, looks very good.

thanks a lot.

I hope there not going to try to launch with that cloud cover!!:smiley:
looks good!

i think the fog is good. great scene.

thanks a lot

if the sun should have a been a but higher and orange coloured sky with high contrast could make it a more eye candy. btw nice work.

Gooooood. atmosphere presents, but! You need one accent point or object. To make contrast. because you lost depth in picture with one-toned all with fog

This is true. I think a low-hanging fog with a clearing around the launch tower would be cool. It would allow you to keep those cranes in the distance (really great detail by the way, though I would get rid of the one on the left side), while also lightening up the dark areas in the extreme foreground which are stealing some of the focus.

Good job!

I agree with two above me.

One thing does bug me about those cranes though…I think that they might be too wide at the bases. Those cranes are always very spindly and fragile looking to me. Yours look very solid and stable.

Great work though. I think you’ll have a winner with a bit contrast and less fog…in the right places. :wink:

Hi Prashant,

Yeah same for me - this is a brilliant piece of work, and it feels it could be even better with just a few adjustments. Because the whole picture has a blue tint to it you would be able to add some really powerful focus by putting maybe some orange in there - spotlights on the shuttle for example as storm said. I read a great post recently by Alex Hogrefe that has some good tips for working with a foggy scene - I’d recommend having a look:


As I said though, this is an awesome image, well done!

yeah i agree, thanks a lot guys :smiley:

Nice scene. The only negative critic that I could have is about the characters : they look like clones, due to identical pose. Globally it is an excellent work !

yeah, thanks though :smiley: