Soviet Mil Mi-6

The beginning of my mil Mi-6 project. Again on this one I am aiming to take it up a notch on modelled detail and textured detail from my f-111. So far basic blocking/modelling has just about been finished.


Old images:

Nose detailing: :smiley:

Finished all modelling and detailing. Now onto texturing next!


  • Windows aligned
  • Upper windows added
  • Wires added
  • Nose changed to domed version
  • Rail and exhausts detailing added
  • Engine vents added
  • Engines moved closer
  • Upper windows added
  • All objects now named.


Hey !
This looking good. Modeling looks good, try to work on the interior, because at the end of your project if you want to incorporate it in a scene, you will need to put pilots and you will be angry to remodel things (starting with a little cube) again and again…

But nice start, I’m impatient to see this helicopter textured.
Nice portfolio by the way ! :slight_smile:

Impressive effort, little things add a lot

This **** just got bumpy. :smiley:

Looks good. Can’t wait to see it completely textured.

Steve s

How do you make the bump maps? Hand drawn? Looks good. Any tips? Thanks.

They were all texture painted roughly by hand, and then refined in GIMP. I have actually recorded the making of the entire model at 5x speed, so at the end If I can find a way to upload it all people can watch it as a sorta tutorial thing!

And also I’m in pretty bad need of ideas for a scene. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hey! Great model that you are making, I like the much different details really much. I would be excited to see your making off, too.

For the scene: Maybe some kind of taking off from a Battleship on sea ?

Lots of updates! :smiley:
All textured (apart from maybe some exhaust dirt) and completely remade the bump maps!


Added engine dirt - thoughts?