"Sox" the sock monkey...model.

I finished the model of Sox a while ago, making minor tweaks here and there. put on a bit of a fuzzy soft whatever texture to it. nothing to spectacular.
tell me what you think! it’d be much appreciated.
also I’ve tried learning how to rig, but im clueless lol.


Sock monkies rule :smiley: as a owner of a sock monkey named Mr Pig. I can honestly say I am a big fan of this model!

I’d imaging rigging a soft body like this would be quite difficult. But then I have never tried rigging anything lol.

I’d really like to see the classic two tone sock monkey texture applied though…and maybe button eyes or some stitching…Love it!

lol the sock monkey has evolved! >< are you conna texture it?

at first I looked that the monkey in the second picture was facing left :smiley:
good work.

hah. yeah, I was planning on doing the classic sock monkey with the two tone and the red/pink ish hat. Sock monkeys normally dont have eyes though I think. I really would love love love to rig this thing but im lost as to how i do that. id put him in ninja poses lol. I also got inspired somehow to make a monkey model. cartoony lookin. right now i have it on the Suzana model, but ill get around to modeling it all. in fact…ill post that right now.

long post…hmm. lol
btw the texture i slapped on there is i think just color and then i think noise and i used Nor, to make it looks kinda fuzzy.


PS if anybody wants to attempt rigging this thing for me ill put up the .blend

just say the word. and you can be free to use it in whatever you want (just no commercial stuff) but give credit where its due.