So today I began woriking on a Soyuz capsule. These renders are after about 6 hours of work. Both are rendered at 500 samples in cycles.

Feedback is very welcomed! :slight_smile:

It’s great. Coincidentally, I was looking at some soyuz references the day before yesterday so I could start it as a possible future project. Will you incorporate it into a scene?

Thanks! I might make a scene with it, I got a bit tempted when I rendered this image. Was working on the materials in the type of lighting you might see in an image from low orbit.

Right now im working on the smaller details.

Bumped up the subdiv on the cloth material surounding the two pods to add more wrinkles. Also changed some colorsettings on a few materials and added some AO.

(Bad quality jpeg compression, click the image to see a minor improvement in quality…)

That last post contains really nice looking renders. If you want to find a reference image with some finer details, a really nice one can be found at the wikipedia page. It already looks great.

Really nice! Did you use an background image or did you create 3d earth?


It is a background image Im using as an Evironment texture to get all the lighting right when Im working with the materials. If I do howere decide to go on and create a project scene from this, I am concidering doing the planet inside blender. I have one I did with the BI, but since this is cycles, I have no idea how to do it. That is undiscovered country for me…