Hello, this is where I am sharing some works I have done by request.

Alexandria 2015

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Whoa very nice! Was blender used at all in these?

Stunning work Maika,
Amazing the detail ::
All done in photoshop?
Would make for a great rigged 3d model to bring them to life :slight_smile:


Uhm, guys, no offence, but Maika explicity linked to the blender animation project that is using these models -_-

Anyhow, nice colouring style!

Whoa very nice! Was blender used at all in these?

Thank you! No, I drew and colored these pictures in photoshop. The project in the link specifically uses blender though.

Amazing style you have in your work :slight_smile:
Great job:cool:


Thank you!

thanks for the Art Maika
Dave M.CG

Another great art Maika

Thank you!

Maika contact me back in FB

These are primarily done in photoshop.

Hey! these drawings are really fantastic i love the ink&pen-like work on the pieces, really nice! hope to see more from you in the near future :slight_smile: , i just joined but i see a lot of talented individuals aorund here, this is wonderful! keep it up and take care!

maika we are on new project now email me back thanks

Spade 1hr 30min practice sketch. Another study of values.
I’m trying to be a bit less lazy with my practice sketches haha.

It would be interesting to see blender produce similar results.

Uh… Traditional art doesn´t really involve digital techniques, which includes Blender. So these should have been made with pen and paper, according to Maika though, she made these with Photoshop.

Don´t misunderstand me, I mean no offense. These drawings look pretty cool, I like them, but traditional art usually doesn´t involve digital mediums.
Should be in digital painting category, I think.

ElensAnima if you notice what they said this is for “For all your non-3D and Traditional artwork here.” Note the non-3D. So anything like photoshop gimp or mypaint etc. is included. In short its in the right spot.

Another concept.