Spa house

Spa house with a swimming pool at a private residence not far from Moscow. Beautifully designed by KA2 Light Architecture, recreated in 3D, based on photos by Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko

I couldn´t resist for the attempt of recreation photos of Spa house designed by KA2 Light Architecture and shot by Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko, and here, are the results. I used Blender for creating a scene and Octane engine for rendering. Later I will add a short video.

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Really nice, love the lighting!

Fantastic job. Loving it .

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splendid !

Impressive :ok_hand:

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Very very nice

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

The lighting looks great

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Love that last shot. Really impressive work.

Any chance of a breakdown/info on lighting, glass and water materials?

Amazing mate! Really woud like to see the video and plus settings Octane and more stuffs on this project! :slight_smile:


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Super nice lighting, really dig that orange / teal look you added, so classical.

PS why the fish-eye effect?

PS wish you had more day shots man. THat blue and green is so nice to see

aaaalll right, I’m following Your work and I’m always super impressed,
Howevher, I can’t find any reliable blender octane (even octane) guides, and oh, I’ve been looking…
Can You (or anyone) point me in any direction, where to look for good info regarding archviz workflow? Octane forum is nothing compared to blender community :frowning: Or maybe You get where You are by trial and error - in such case I’d understand such info as confidential :stuck_out_tongue:
There are few youtube videos but they cover very basics, and seem not to be continued :frowning:

So freaking good.
Love this!!

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so clean and so fresh! Amazing

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When I was learning I was watching tutorials for Cinema - render settings are almost the same as well as materials you just have to find these buttons in Blender. Hope it helps! Let me know

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Thank you @rombout I was experimenting with camera settings and fish eye effect was something I do not see very often, that is why I used it on some shots. Day shot was just an experiment, but I also love the colors as you do, so maybe in the future, I will add more :wink:

i honnestly thought that the first two fish-eye pictures were a refference… WOW

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