Space: 1999 - Eagle Transporter

Here it is so far. C&C welcome…

I love it!!

Can`t wait to see this finished.
Very acurate too. The tv show was one of my favorits.

Do you plan to make the Moon-Base as well?

One of my favorites as well. I’m trying to make it as accurate to the filming miniature as I can. I’ve taken my favorite landing pod details from various shots so there is a little bit of a mixture there. Everything else should be correct.

I personally don’t plan on creating the moonbase but I know some one who does. So far it looks pretty nice. I really only need a landing pad for a few renders and animations I’d like to do.

Cage work continues…

The AO washes out some of the detail on the underside engine bells but they really are as they should be.

wow very good model :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! And here’s the last of the additions I managed this weekend.

Hi, I visited your post in sci fi meshes and If you like I have a question for you: How you got those panels on the command module? Can you post a wire

awsome, looks like something you might see @ nasa
are you going to texture it?

I used the Cookie cutter function of the MegaBool script to make the panels. I started out creating a 2D shape, extruded it and ran the script. Then after deleting the un-needed verts and the occasional filling of faces/removing redundant edges (thankfull not too much of those – nice script!!!) I extruded the final shape into a panel with the proper thickness.

I do indeed plan on texturing the Eagle. I’ve already started the process of UV mapping the objects. Final textures will take some time to do so modelling will be finished LONG before the textures.

Here’s an update, all the panels are done except for the nose cone. The four other blank areas are where the viewport cutouts will be.

Just a few more details and the Command Module will be finsihed…

yep, wery good work.
I like it a lot.
I downloaded the megabool script but I tried it with blender 2.4 and 2.41 but it doesn’t work. What can I do? It gives me an error in the console:

HI, nice model!!

I don’t know how much ref you currently have (your model is looking pretty accurate so far) but there are some interesting shots here:

by Martin Bower - the guy who designed and built all those fantastic models. There might be something there to help with texturing.

Good luck - it’s looking impressive!

Same here regarding the series. Still love it despite the funny science, and who knows, maybe a science-conscious reboot would make an interesting competition to Galactica and the new Dr. Who. The Eagle was another matter entirely–one of the most believable sci-fi space vehicles ever made, or so I’ve read.

Piro, Try downloading the latest version of python from I have not used the megabool script yet but I had the same problem with another script and what i found was i needed a newer version of python.

Excelent model there. It’s been quite a while since i’ve seen that show but it looks exactly as i remember it.

not working as well:(

Thanks everyone. Piro, sorry about that, I used Blender 2.37a to run the MegaBool script.

ok now it’s clear.
looking forward to see the texturing.

Been sometime for this but here is the start on the texturing.

And here is a hi-res dorsal orthographic…

your modeling is most impressive. how many vertices?
never watched the show myself so I can’t comment on the accuracy, but it looks extremely good and well layed out. keep up the good work man.

Thanks, overall it’s as accurate as I can make it although some of the greebles (on the forward and aft service modules) that are behind the cages are a mixture of reference pics and stuff I added. Unfortunately they are a little washed out in the big render due to the fact that they all have the same material applied and the low AO settings I’m currently using. They should be easier to see once I texture them.

Not sure about the number of verts but it’s on the order of 310,000 faces. Most of those being in the command module (the “beak”) and the greebles (that you can’t really see right now).

Here’s the latest on the texturing…